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‘Concert for India’s Environment’ live at the Wildscreen Film Festival

‘Concert for India’s Environment’ live at the Wildscreen Film Festival

I am proud to have presented the Concert for India’s Environment live at the Wildscreen film festival, hosted by the British Council in New Delhi on 9th Feb 2009.

A galaxy of international wildlife filmmakers enjoyed the 75 minute-long multimedia concert. I was accompanied by an all new Celtic Ragas Band, comprising singer Sandeep Srivastav and musicians from Delhi.

Read more about this project and to see the videos on my personal website for the film ‘Concert for India’s Environment’.


  1. Dear Chinmaya,

    Thanks for another masterpiece from you and your relentless effort to preserve India’s environment. Thanks for spreading this message and its motivating folks like us to do something to preserve the nature. We, Indians owe you more.


  2. outstanding!! so many talentd musicians coming together for a great cause. wish i couldve seen this show but the video was enjoyable enough..chinmaya, your smile at 6:01 is simply contagious! you are in your element and that’s obvious. i will tkae my time around your site over thenext few weeks so see what else i can learn.

  3. Dear,
    Two years ago I was given one of your CDs. It was at Osho Nirvesha in Tuscany, Italy. Dhara and Samarona, who run the place gave your CD to me at the good-bye time. Since then I fell in love with your music and share it with whoever I know here, in Poland. Hope one day you will have a concert here …

  4. Chinmaya,

    I´m amazed – how beautiful!!!!!!

    Thanks you for your presents!

    Much love,


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