LATEST RELEASE Three track EP of guitar duets

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RAGAS RELAX II Duets between Chinmaya’s Indian stringed instrument sarod and Spanish classical guitar. Each melody is based on a classical Indian raga scale, with chords on the guitar formed only from the same notes used in the raga.
The arrangements are sparse, so that there is a balance of sound and silence between the notes. The result is twenty-five strings (nineteen on sarod, six on guitar) vibrating in resonance, creating a mesmerizing harmonic tapestry.

MELA: a World Electro-Fusion collaboration

MELA (‘festival’ in Hindi) is a World Fusion collaboration blending Hindustani classical melodies and instrumentation with contemporary electro grooves
Musicians from around the world re-record melodies by Chinmaya Dunster and Sandeep Srivastav. Produced by Ben Fordham (DubTouch).
Album ‘Beyond Tradition out now. More info at

Chinmaya and Paul McCartney

After being invited by Paul McCartney to play at his wedding in 2002, Paul had this to say: “I love the unique blend of Irish and Indian style music of Chinmaya Dunster’s ‘Celtic Ragas’. It has become one of my favourites.”

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Chinmaya and his Celtic Ragas Band at McCartney’s wedding, Ireland 2002

Chinmaya Bio

Chinmaya was born in 1954 in England and started playing the classical guitar at 15. After taking sannyas from Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) in 1982 he took up playing the sarod.

The Osho Commune in Pune provided him the ground for musical experiments over the next quarter century until, today, he has thirteen CDs released on New Earth Records and a further four (three of them under the band names Bhakti and Akasha) on Malimba Records.

While living in Pune and Goa from 2002-13 Chinmaya became involved with environmental / social justice issues in India, which took him around the subcontinent with the Green Ragas Band. He also created awareness-raising films on these issues.

One of his passions is also the production aspect of music of which he has long experience.
Since 2019 he lives with his partner Naveena and daughter Koyal in Devon, UK.