GREEN RAGAS – A multimedia environmental awareness project

Chinmaya Dunster and Sandeep Srivastava’s ‘GREEN RAGAS’ project live in Delhi.
Read a review of one of the concerts here. Watch the Highlights or the full film in parts below.
Highlights from a 2010 Green Ragas concert in Delhi, with musicians from India, Greece and UK. A multimedia awareness-raising event to promote CARING for our beautiful planet.
The film’s footage was shot by Chinmaya all over India, with supporting footage courtesy British Council. Musicians: Chinmaya Dunster (sarod), Sandeep Srivastav (vocals), Sangit Om (Cretan lyra, flute), Shambhu Nath Bhattacharjee (tabla), Amareesh Chakravorty (drums), Lalit Kapil (keyboards), Prem Prabodh (bass) and Adarsha Forest (guitar).

Part 1: “This beautiful world we inherited: will we pass it on when we are gone?”
Song in Raga Jog composed for the concerts by Sandeep Srivastava
Part 2. “Pollution, climate change, species extinction, food shortages: Is that the kind of world we want to leave behind?”
Sookhi Daraare (Sad Earth) composed by Sandeep Srivastava for the concerts.
Part 3 ‘It’s In Our Hands” Song with lyrics by Sandeep Srivastava based on a composition by Vidyasagar.
Part 4 “The Himalayas” Source of water for a fifth of the world’s people. Climate change is now bringing drought and flood to the region. Long-term water shortages loom.” Music: ‘Moonsong’ by Chinmaya Dunster and Adarsha Forest
Part 5 “Extinction is forever” Will we be the last generation to see truly wild animals? Cretan melodies by Sangit Om (S.Petersilge) on lyra.
Part 6: “The Oceans” A vast and complex engine driving climate, oxygen levels and feeding hundreds of millions of people. We abuse them at our peril.
Part 7 ‘Your Food, Our Work” raises awareness about the coming food production crisis. Farmers and fishermen are going to need all the support they can get if they are to feed us.
Part 8 ‘Forests and Climate Change” Everyone can help fight climate change and provide habitat for wildlife by planting trees and protecting forests.
Part 9 “The Butterfly Effect” Everything is interconnected. YOUR individual actions effect the whole.
Part 10 ‘Remember Us!” It is unjust to expect Earth’s indigenous peoples, who are evicted from their forests in the name of ’conservation’, whose rivers are dammed for hydro-power and whose lands are taken for bio-fuel crops, to pay the price for our need to reduce our carbon emissions.

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