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PLAYING FOR OSHO (Entries from my diaries 1989) Part 2

Posted by on 07 Dec 2016 in Concerts, Music | 0 comments

Aug 26th Exquisite singing drifted into my room this morning. Knocking on the door of the flat next door, I discover Pranati Mhatre...

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PLAYING FOR OSHO (Entries from my diaries 1989) Part 1

Posted by on 27 Nov 2016 in Music, travels/explorations | 0 comments

Before I can begin with my diary entries (copious during my single periods, scratchy at best when there was someone to share my bed!) I...

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Posted by on 30 Oct 2016 in Music, travels/explorations | 1 comment

In June 1989 I arrived back at the Rajneesh Ashram (shortly afterwards to be renamed “Osho Commune International”) in Pune, India, fresh...

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Posted by on 04 Oct 2016 in Creative Writings, Music, travels/explorations | 0 comments

DELHI November 1994, My Dutch partner Sadhu and I are travelling to see the Taj Mahal and the Himalayas. We have come from Pune, where I...

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Creating a New CD. Stage 1: Sarod Alaap in Rag Sohani

Posted by on 12 May 2016 in Music | 0 comments

This video was taken while I was recording for a new CD of meditative/relaxation music I am currently working on. I plan to video blog the...

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Voyaging on the ‘Good Ship’ Sarod – Sequel to ‘How I Discovered Sarod’

Posted by on 06 May 2016 in Music, travels/explorations | 0 comments

Amjad Ali Khan’s Outdoor Concert. Delhi, April 1979 I sit myself near the front in a massive marquee set up in a park, crowded with folk...

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