Concert for India’s Environment

2004, Pune, India. Multimedia awareness-raising film, with Chinmaya’s Celtic Ragas Band, schoolkid poets, interviews with environmentalists and stunning nature footage.

This documentary, created by Chinmaya Dunster to raise awareness for India’s environmental issues, evokes feelings of reverence for the wonders of India’s nature. It is also a tribute to the people who have lived alongside these wonders and have preserved so much of them.
The world’s environmental situation remains even more critical than it was ten years ago when the concert was first published on YouTube. Enjoy the message AND THE MUSIC!

Music Tracks

1. A Sense of Wonder

Footage of the Western Ghats, interview with Dr. Erach Bharucha (BVIEER), poems read by students: “I love the fog in the winter…”:, “Trees are our friends first…”:,

2. Sacred Groves

City children are invited to visit the sacred forests which are traditionally protected from destruction by a local deity, with commentary by Dr. Erach Bharucha

3. Paying the Price

Shamita Kumar, Deputy Director BVIEER, talks about the understanding women have regarding environment. A girl says: “I plant my tree on my birthday…”: Includes rare b/w tribal photographs from the 1950sby Sumant Mulgaokar.

4. Children’s Voices

Dr. Bharucha proposes conservation education in rural schools; children read their poems and talk about nature

5. Naturescapes

Pure music and images of birds from the Mutha river in Pune and the Himalayas.

6. Wildlife and Livelihood

Dr. Bharucha discusses the threat on the natural forests in the Himalayas and the impact on the livelihoods of communities living there.

7. Why We Care 1

The band members tell us what inspires them in nature. Footage includes a ruined fort in Maharashtra which has been reclaimed by trees.

8. Why We Care 2

Thoughts from Dr. Erach Bharucha (BVIEER), and band members. Footage of blackbuck from Rehakuri in Maharashtra.

Musicians at the concert

  • Adarsha Forest: guitar
  • Bikram Singh: bansuri
  • Chinmaya Dunster: sarod, guitar
  • Shruti Banu: vocals
  • Tanmayo Boyd: violin
  • Dinesh: keyboards
  • Manish Vyas: tabla
  • Paritosh: tanpura
  • Prabodh Senger: bass
  • Ramadhan Suisse: santoor, drums

(live at the BVIEER in Pune, 2004)



more on the IUCN congress

The film ‘Concert for India’s Environment’ was shown at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Barcelona on 8th October 2008.

Chinmaya Dunster presented the ‘Concert for India’s Environment’ live at the Wildscreen Film Festival, hosted by the British Council in New Delhi on 9th Feb 2009. 

Blog: Creating the film ‘Concert for India’s Environment’

Read all about making the film.

The music from the film. ‘Fragrance of the East’ (live version’) and Karma Circles (studio production)

Film Production

Chinmaya Dunster: director, producer, cameraman for location shots in India, video editing.
Dr. Erach Bharucha (BVIEER): technical advisor, still photography.
Naveena Goffer: artistic director, still photography.
Svargo: cameraman at the concert, additional shots, video editing.
Avesh: cameraman at the concert, additional shots (Maharashtra).
Lawrence Castle: additional shots.
Hansa: additional shots (Ladakh).
Mutribo: additional shots (Ladakh).
Vijendra Patel: additional shots (UP and MP)
Sumant Mulgaokar: b/w tribal photographs from the 1950s.

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