The Incredible Story of Water
A story for children, based on artwork I did in the ’70s, with background music remixed from my CD ‘Gaia’s Garden’.
 The Great Day
My film is based on a book I wrote and illustrated in 1988. A Utopian vision, perhaps we could help make it come true?


 Fern Hill
In my film I have set Dylan Thomas’s wonderful poem to music and sang it myself. His evocation of a childhood on a farm in Britain echoes my own.

When Open Sky is Wide Awake
In this video called I have set a poem by Osho from the Hindi talks given in 1970 entitled ‘Thy Will be Done’ to music taken from my CD ‘Meditation Ragas’. 

Chinmaya’s Celtic Ragas Band
in concert in 2004, containing documentary footage to raise awareness for India’s environmental issues and evokes feelings of reverence for the wonders of India’s nature

Your Life’s Song
A video where I am reading a rare poem by Osho with a track from my CD ‘Ragas Relaxas a background.

Green Ragas band 

in concert in 2010 with musicians from India, Greece and UK. A multimedia awareness-raising event to promote CARING for our beautiful planet.


Seven Sacred Springs
The video is a film about the abandoned healing springs of the Goan village of Assagao, with music from my CD ‘Meditation Ragas‘.
Gaia’s Garden A Tribute
to the Beauty We Have Lost
Natural History illustrations of some of the beautiful creatures we have made extinct. Music from the CD ‘Gaia’s Garden’

AVANI a Himalayan NGO
I made this documentary for two friends who formed this NGO in the Kumaoan Himalayas, introducing technologies for energy and water in the villages, and then promoting crafts like hand made, naturally dyed, textiles.
Smiles From Off The Road in India
Faces I filmed while travelling in Uttarakhand Himalayas and Kerala (India). Their spontaneous welcome to me and my camera is typical of the warmth of people still living close to nature.

Chinmaya’s Wildlife of India Films

Himalayan Black Bear
I was incredibly lucky to get this long close up of a rare and dangerous animal on the way to Kaphni Glacier at the foot of Nanda Devi.
A selection of amazing never-before-seen footage I shot all over India. Colourful birds from my porch in Goa, wild tribal dances from Central India, smiling children, full moon night in the high Himalayas
CONCERT FOR INDIA’S ENVIRONMENT, Pune, India, Jan 2004 Film of the multimedia awareness-raising concert

Tyger! Tyger! 
showing the tigers of Bandhavgarh National Park, India, at play. A century ago there were an estimated 40,000 tigers in India. Today less than 2000 remain. The footage is from Vijendra Patil and the soundtrack is mine.
Birds From My Goa Garden 
was filmed over three years from my garden near Mapusa. Several dozen species are represented, including the difficult-to-film Blue-faced malkoha and Black-naped monarch.