FIRE (2019)

‘Fire’ is a melody I first recorded in 1996 for my CD ‘Feng Shui Part 1’. Now I have re-recorded it, added a new section, plus Western instrumentation and a song composed and sung by Anand Richa.

The intensity of the music is matched by the intensity of feeling in the lyrics, and as awareness of the crisis we face in Earth’s climate and biodiversity intensifies, I see the song as a sort of protest. Why have we betrayed our planet? As the Hindi lyrics say: ‘The days and nights are indeed burning…..’

Bairi Piya tum phir nahin aaye        Bheeg rahe teri yaad mein nain..

Tum bina vyaakul tarse jiyara         Paaye nahin sukh, paaye na chain

Aas lagaaye baithi besudh hoyi      Yaad mein Teri Kitna Royi

Faithless beloved you didn’t return   My eyes are misty/ moist in your remembrance

Without you, my heart longs in pain… finds no happiness, nor finds solace..

I sat in anticipation, losing my senses  I cried profusely, missing you..

Bhool gaye sab Kaise Piya Tum   Chhal more sang tune kaahe kiya??

Yaad mein teri dekho piya mora, Jarat Rahat din rain piya!!

How could you forget everything?? Why did you betray me???

In your yearning, beloved… My days and nights are burning!!!