Hippy Trail 1975 Part 1

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  1. Sunyata says:

    Wonderful story! I remember the seventies with great frondness–do young people still do crazy stuff like this now?


    • Punya says:

      bit different these days, with internet, smartphones, google maps etc. Maybe not quite as crazy/innocent as we were. Times have moved on……
      Have you read ‘No Destination’ by Satish Kumar? Now THAT was unique travelling.

      • Ann BeCoy says:

        Chnmaya: your story is very typical of the early 70’s. Today’s travellers just do not get the same sense of adventure and “getting lost” and taking chances as they have internet, telephone and all kinds of info gathering technology making things too “predictable”. I doubt many kids today get the same adventure I had as an 18 year old naive kid travelling the hippie trail in 1972. Read: Memoirs of a Hippie Girl in India 1972 for a real taste of serious adventure and mis-adventure. Thanks for sharing your hitch-hiking story Chinmaya: I was touched by your vicarious experience of the constant groping and sexual harassment experienced by your partner L. Those days men in those countries were not as used to seeing western women’s dress and habits as they are today. I think today’s men are less likely to grope now as they have more awareness that this is unacceptable behaviour and also they are not nearly as shocked and aroused by the sight of a foreign female as they once were. Those times with the good, the bad and the ugly are gone forever and I am glad I got a chance to see the east before it was “exploited” by westerners. Look forward to more of your tales.

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