Meditation Ragas

Chinmaya’s soulful explorations on the sarod of Indian ragas blended with Western chords and instrumentation.

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Tracks based on seven sense meditations taken from the ancient Indian text: Vigyan Bhairav Tantra

Track 1: Sight Meditation
Track 2: Touch Meditation
Track 3: Heart Meditation
Track 4: Sound Meditation
Track 5: Scent Meditation
Track 6: Taste Meditation
Track 7: Consciousness Meditation

Video of Track 2 ‘Touch Meditation’ includes:
When Open Sky Is Wide Awake – a poem by Osho

Meditation Ragas


Chinmaya Dunster: sarod, guitars, keyboards and programming

Avinash Jagtap: violin

Nilesh Deshpande: bamboo flute

Kiran Kumar: bamboo flute on track 7

Kavi Jesse Hockaday: nylong guitar on track 6

Shambu Nath Bhattacharjee: Tabla on track 7

Produced by Chinmaya Dunster; track 7 produced by: Chinmaya Dunster and Kavi Jesse Hockaday

(Released 13 August 2013 – New Earth Records)