Music For People Like You and I

Chinmaya’s first new song in many years. Inspired by the ’60s vibe.

A new single. Vocals by Chinmaya, Rob Carney and Koyal Goffer-Dunster. Bass by Prabodh Senger. Drum programming by Ben Fordham.

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Listen to the cries of the creatures in the forest
Listen to the song of the birds in the sky
Listen to the footsteps of the people walking through the land
People like you and I

Listen to the children as they raise their eyes skyward
Listen to those getting ready to die
Listen to the givers, the healers and the dreamers
People like you and I

And what doesn’t kill us will make us stronger
What isn’t true we need to call a lie
I listen to the whispers that ripple from the heartbeats
Of people like you and I.