My first-ever Live Concerts in UK

A sell-out concert at Assbburton Arts and another at Malvern Cube just completed.

We covered thirty years of my recording history, from early Indian Classical, through East-West fusion, new songs I composed in New Zealand last year and some guest performances from band members (and their kids!).

The band worked so hard over months to prepare themselves for it. Thank you to: Vikas Botsford (keys),, Sudhi Salooja (violin), Prabodh Senger (bass) and Yair Katz (drums); to Lewis Riley and Navinder Singh (tabla at one of the concerts each); to our guest singer Nisheetha and guest guitarists Chris Glassfield and Will Harrison. Plus to our kid guest stars Koyal Goffer-Dunster and Sheffa and Laila Katz.

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