Om Shanti

Om Shanti

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Chinmaya’s Akasha project is an innovative blend of traditional, contemporary and East-West styles, rooted in their feel for ancient Sanskrit chant and the latest in modern grooves.

Bamboo flute and violin interweave with slide guitar and mantra singing to produce a heartful, light yet grounded sound, perfect to support a wide range of yoga practices

Akasha’s Musicians

  • Tanmayo Boyd: lead vocals
  • Bodhianand: lead vocals
  • Asima David: backing vocals
  • Anuradha: backing vocals
  • Avinash Jagtap: violin
  • Kalyan Mitto: cello
  • Bikram Singh: bansuri flute
  • Kavi Hockaday : electric and Spanish guitar
  • Prabodh Senger: bass
  • Basant Madhur: tabla
  • Chinmaya Dunster: guitars, arrangement

(Released 2007 – Malimba)

Akasha is an international musical collaboration reflecting a new era in the way music is being created: the musicians that are part of this group use the internet as their meeting place.

Musical ideas are exchanged back and forth in cyberspace until the desired result is achieved.

Singers from the UK (Tanmayo Boyd), Israel (Gerhard Fankhauser) and New Zealand (Kiri Iriwata) exchange ideas online with instrumentalists from India (Bikram Singh on flute, Avinash Jagtap on violin) and composer / producer Chinmaya Dunster.

All share a deep commitment to meditation and Eastern philosophy.

Their love for the ancient spiritual chants of India has lead to Yoga Spirit, a harmonic blend of East and West, acoustic and electronic instruments, created to support yoga practice.

The multicultural ensemble group Akasha returns with another beautiful CD of sacred chants played with an easy Western feel. Prominent acoustic guitars, violin, and cello dance to soft percussion backing up the soothing vocals of Tanmayo and Bodianand.

This is the perfect CD for those who already have lots of chant music and want something just a little different for their yoga practice or moving meditation. It really is the best of both Eastern and Western musical traditions.

There are only five pieces, but each is 10 to 12 minutes long, so people won’t lose their focus while listening. Highly recommended.”

Anne Williams
New Age Retailer

“Akasha is presenting an album of soft chants, light acoustic ambiance and an Asian touch. Subtle tabla beats provide the album’s pacing, while airy guitar melodies and Bikram Singh’s flute playing add to the album soothing, yoga-friendly atmosphere.

Other touches, like sitar, drone ambiance and shimmering dulcimer-style strumming add to the majesty of the album.

Most of the songs have light chanting, which is performed in a soft, tender manner that is a little reminiscent to the group Rasa.”

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