Ragas Relax

Ragas Relax

In this CD, Chinmaya Dunster explores five traditional Ragas in an ‘alaap’ form – pure, directionless wanderings within the ragas structure but without the distractions of rhythm or fixed melody.

With the simplicity of the compositions he has successfully created an intimate, open and fluid soundscape for the listener to relax into. Specifically suited for restorative yoga, relaxation, meditation, wellness practices and the healing arts.

When I pick up my sarod and prepare to play an Indian Classical raga, I feel as if I am about to enter on a pilgrimage, a sacred journey of discovery. It is a great mystery… these ancient ragas are not just rules of how to play the twelve musical notes; they are spiritual places to be visited.”

Chinmaya Dunster

Ragas Relax

Track 1: Goddess Evocation
time 6:40 min
Track 2: The Union of Sun &: Moon
time 7:00 min
Track 3: Krisna’s Peacocks
time 7:08 min
Track 4: Sunrise in Deerpark
time 5:51 min
Track 5: Meeting of Two Oceans
time 6:14 min
Track 6: Relax on the Mountain
time 7:24 min
Track 7: Listening to the River
time 7:07 min
Track 8: Tranquil Sunset
time 6:38 min
Track 9: Shiva’s Meditation
time 5:09 min


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Chinmaya Dunster: sarod, tanpura, swarmandel, monochord, keyboards
Bikkram Singh: bamboo flute
Joseph Satralkar: piano
(Released 2010 – Malimba)

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