A new single based on classical guitar and strings. My compositions inspired by Devon’s River Dart and a short poetic section of Jerome K Jerome’s ‘Three Men in a Boat’

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Here are the words from Jerome K Jerome I read on the video of Part 1

“Lulled by the lapping water and the rustling trees, The river prattles strange old tales and secrets
Sings low the old child’s song, That it has sung so many thousand years
And will sing so many thousand years to come
A song that we, who have learned to love its changing face, Who have so often nestled on its yielding breast
Think, somehow, still we understand, Though we could not tell you in mere words
The story that we listen to.
……While the moon, who loves it too, Stoops down to kiss it with a sister’s kiss
And throws her silver arms around it clingingly
And we watch it as it flows, Ever singing, ever whispering
Out to meet its king –the sea”.