Terra Incognita: No Goal But The Path

Terra Incognita: No Goal But The Path

No Goal But The Path

Track 1: Shepherd’s Dream
Track 2: Amazonas Juan
Track 3: Darshan
Track 4: Bop Du Bop
Track 5: Blind Man In The Bazaar
Track 6: Hamsafar
Track 7: Oriental Expression
Track 8: Morning Rain NYC
Track 9: Himalayan Celebration
Track 10: Seven In Seven
Track 11: Paddy Goes To Poona

These two CDs, played on a mix of Western, Indian and African instruments, were inspired by these words by Osho:
“Tao means only the path, no goal. There is no goal, but only the path.
And unless you learn to enjoy the journey itself, you will become more and more serious.
If you want to remain in tune with life, then remain always a celebration.”
They were recorded in Munich, Germany, soon after Osho left the body, and carry the flavor of the many musical events that Chinmaya and the other musicians involved had been part of around Osho in Pune.

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Terra Incognita, Munich 1990

Tribal Gathering

Track 1: Kafi (Chinmaya)
Track 2: Etruscan Places (Joshua & Ravi)
Track 3: Tilak (Chinmaya & Joshua)
Track 4: Sacred Dance (Joshua & Ravi)
Track 5: Cala Violina (Joshua & Ravi)
Track 6: Sufis and Gypsies (Chinmaya)
Track 7: Mountains of the Moon (Joshua & Ravi)
Track 8: Under the Carob Tree (Joshua & Ravi)
Track 9: Rhythm House Classic (Joshua & Ravi)
Track 10: Never Mind the Pandits (Joshua & Ravi)
Track 11: Havana Baba (Joshua & Ravi)
Track 12: Tribal gathering (Chinmaya, Joshua & Ravi)
Track 13: Zenith (Joshua & Ravi)
Track 14: Shahana (Chinmaya & Joshua)

Core musicians and composers:

Chinmaya Dunster: sarod;
Prem Joshua: flutes, sax, sitar, dilruba;
Ravi Freeman: kora, guitars, keyboards, percussion and programming.

Guest musicians:

Pramada: cello;
Neera: vox;
Babu K. Alam: tabla;
Pramada: cello;
Jamie St Clair: guitar;
Volodya Asriev: violin;
Peter Giles: keyboards;
Joby Baker: drums, bass.