The Beloved

The Beloved

The Beloved:
Yoga of Devotion

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Modern sounds and rhythms frame unobtrusively the traditional, ancient Indian chants on this CD bringing them closer to the modern listener.

Many of the melodies and words of the songs have survived almost unchanged for two thousand years, gathering layers of meanings and associations, uniting rich and poor, rulers and ruled, in the uncountable myriads of times that they have been sung over the centuries.

In contrast to other traditional monks, the Bhaktis (devotees, or followers of Bhakti Yoga) have always been people who lived ‘in the world’ rather than retreating from it.

“…the vocal harmonies are absolutely gorgeous. This devotional, celebratory music touches the soul with gentle, timeless love. For fans of Indian chant, The Beloved is an important, truly lovely jewel.”

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Bhakti’s Musicians

Shruti Divyam: vocals
Gerhard Fankhauser: vocals
Avinash Jagtap: violin
Bikram Singh: bansuri flute
Manish Vyas: tabla
Chinmaya Dunster: guitars, arrangement†

Bhakti is truly an ensemble that melts East and West. The group includes: composer Chinmaya Dunster from England, singers Gerhard Fankhauser from Austria and Shruti Divyam Banu from India (Tamil), virtuoso violinist Avinash Jagtap, bamboo flute maestro Bikkram Singh and prodigious tabla player Manish Vyas from India.

Track 1: Hari Bol
time 7:28 min

Track 2: Govinda Jai Jai
time 7:18 min

Track 3: Sita Ram
time 9:17 min

Track 4: Nama Shivaya
time 7:16 min

Track 5: Jai Ambe
time 5:48 min

Track 6: Aum Jai Jagadisha Hare
time 6:50 min

Track 7: Taranana
time 5:31 min