Feng Shui – The Eightfold Path

Created on Maui, 1998 with the help of incredible local musicians

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Chinmaya Dunster: sarod, celtic harp, santoor, guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion
Don Lax: violin
Kevin O’Kennedy: penny whistle
Shastro: bamboo flute
John Zagrando: flute
Alistair Couper: hammer dulcimer, frame drum
Sambodhi Prem: guitar
(Released 2000 – New Earth Records)

I am proud to say that I played almost every instrument on this, my most western music CD! The music aims to evoke the spirit of the Feng Shui energies. Read more about the making of the album here.

“Feng Shui: The Eightfold Path is a lyrical album of original compositions from one of the New Age genres leading artists.
Some wonderful guitar work weaves well with the sarod and santoor from India, Celtic harp and flute producing a blend of sacredness from East and West.
A beautiful, accessible album which will transform you inner and outer worlds with it’s touching harmony.”


“Blending sacred sounds from the Buddhist lands of the East with acoustic instruments from around the world, Chinmaya Dunster evokes spiritual soundscapes of ancient masters who succeeded in taming their outer world only through their mastery of the inner one.

Within this tranquil offering, instruments from diverse world cultures find a harmonic balance that assists the listener in bringing forth the inner Feng Shui, the essence of which brings transformation to our inner world.
Buddhists know this practice as the Eightfold Path, and descriptions of the eight aspects of the path are included with the CD, along with a guide to use each associated track of music to bring these aspects into an internal harmony with the personality.

Soothing and relaxing, this music helps to balance the physical world with the spiritual one and brings us a step closer to identifying where the dream begins. Great for one’s inner work as well as for massage or general relaxation, this gorgeous World / new age music release is very highly recommended to all.”

Musical Soundscapes
Rev Robert Walmsley

“Dunster blends sacred sounds from buddhist lands of the East with acoustic instruments from around the world – the sarod and santoor from india, Celtic harp, flute and guitar. Seeking to envoke the listener’s own Feng Shui, or inner space, each track is named for what Buddhists call the Eightfold Path – right mindfullness, right views, right livelihood, right samadhi, rightmorality, right effort, right speech and right intention.”

New Living – Stony Brook, NY 
December 2000

“A mellow, soothing, and engaging fusion of world instruments, including sarod, santoor, Celtic harp, hammered dulcimer, guitar and flutes. This CD aims to ‘evoke the inner Feng Shui – known to Buddhists as the Eightfold Path – the essence of which brings transformation to our inner world.’
Descriptions of the Path’s eight aspects are included, along with suggestions regarding each track’s use.

I found it impressive that Dunster’s music is genuinely appealing in it’s own right. Gracefully coherent, without that redundant feel which too often occumponies flowing New Age sounds.
With this vivid packet’s clear spirit – involved purpose and the corresponding images/intensions for each track, this CD should easily find itself in many, varied, and eager hands.”

NAPRA Review
Sept/Oct 2000

“With Feng Shui: The Eightfold Path, Chinmaya Dunster aims to evoke the Buddhist path of inner Feng Shui rather than outer Feng Shui, the art of placement in the outer world to aide energy flow.

Using an eclectic group of instruments, Dunster carries us along the path of right mindfullness, right views, right livelihood, right samadhi, rightmorality, right effort, right speech and right intention. In this context the word right has no connotation of right versus wrong, only indicating harmony, ballance tranquillity.

Dunster took his experience of these eight paths and created inspired music reflecting the qualities of each one. Playing Sarod, Celtic Harp, santoor, guitar, bass, keyboards and percussion, Dunster conjures a magical realm connecting mind, body and spirit.

Violin, flute, penny whistle, hammered dulcimer, frame drum and more all contribute to the unique blend of East and West that is at the heart of Feng Shui: The Eightfold Path.

This peacefull music is perfect for quiet contemplation, deep relaxation, meditation, and message. Perhaps the finest Feng Shui music title available, Feng Shui: The Eightfold Path is sure to prove popular wherever it’s heard.”

Steve Ryals
New Age Retailer Magazine
Jan/Feb 2001