Chinmaya Dunster with Abhirama Sangeet and Sean O’Bryan Smith

Multi-instrumentalist Chinmaya Dunster originally created the project Ragas Relax 2 as a duet with himself during Covid lockdown in 2020. His trademark sarod providing original melodies based on Indian classical ragas ,while his guitar work introduces more contemporary chord structures and textures.
At the start of the Ukraine war in 2022, Chinmaya’s collaborator, native Ukrainian and friend Abhirama Sangeet approached him with the idea of embellishing the tracks with electronic drums. As the war progressed, the project became a vital psychological support for the young producer to take his mind off the horrors around him. Abhirama’s touch helps give the project a unique EDM flair. 
Early in 2023, Chinmaya pitched the idea to Sean O’Bryan Smith in the USA to provide his expertise to the songs. The two had recently collaborated together on one of Sean’s albums and decided to continue utilizing their chemistry together. Smith, best known as a bassist, played both electric upright and fretless basses as well as some synthesizer on this project.

The result of these three musicians combining their skills is a chill EDM experience with strong melodic and harmonic content as well as utilizing raw, real instrument timbres and production.

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