Seven Sacred Springs -Explorations in a Goan Village 2013

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  1. Jeevan Ullas says:

    Awesome story… haven’t finished reading it and keeping it in my read it later list.

  2. Ana di Lupis says:

    The place you describe..I wne for long walks during the monsoons with my son and found many such places…but never told anyone for fear of becoming guilty to have shown the way to people who will destroy this place with commerce just like most beaches in Goa …
    I really hope, your article doesn’t open a door to exploitation by business-monsters…

  3. Wendy Fields says:

    Brilliant might try to find that one day x

  4. Wendy Fields says:


  5. abhi says:

    Wow, would like to follow your steps through these ancient jungles..

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