Yoga Spirit

Yoga Spirit

“Chinmaya’s Akasha project is an innovative blend of traditional, contemporary and East-West styles, rooted in their feel for ancient Sanskrit chant and the latest in modern grooves.”

Akasha’s Musicians

Tanmayo Boyd: lead vocals
Bodhianand: lead male vocals
Asima David, Anuradha, Kiri Iriwata, Anant Jesse, Punam, Jaggy Singh and Varsha Kumar: vocals
Chinmaya Dunster: guitars, programming
Kavi Hockaday : electric guitar
Basant Madhur: tabla
Prabodh Senger: bass
Avinash Jagtap: violin
Bikram Singh: bansuri flute
Kalyan Mitto: cello
(Released 2005 – Malimba Records)

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Track 1: Tva Mev Mata
time 13:46 min

Track 2: Om Purnamada
time 13:48 min

Track 3: Gayatri
time 10:05 min

Track 4: Namaste
time 7:26 min

Track 5: Shivasana
time 14:46 min

Yoga means union. Yoga Spirit is a musical invitation to merge with the divine harmony of existence. Akasha’s drums and soft grooves will support your yoga practice by connecting you to the sacred Earth, while soaring Sanskrit chants, bamboo flute and Indian violin will help you to reach high into the inner sky.

“Yoga Spirit by Akasha is an album of timeless mantras, presented in arrangements that meld Eastern instrumentation with Western influences.

The vocals are low pitched with a hushed serenity about them, a little on the order of those of Deva Premal only with more of a whispery quality.

The background instrumentation centers around guitar, with a little sarangi and bansuri flute woven into the mix in spots.The gentle rhythmic nature of the music makes it ideal for activities like yoga (as the name implies), where light movement is performed.

Although, it’s worth mentioning that this would also be perfect for someone looking for a little rest and relaxation, with a spiritual edge.”

Music Design In Review

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